Why do companies lose 30% of their targets on a daily basis when it relates to a fieldwork of their promoters, consultants and shop assistants?

Absence of Control
Assessing the performance quality of people working in the field, as well as the out-of-office end-customer service, is not an easy task, as the field employees are not under the continuous managerial supervision.
Avoiding Difficult Tasks

Some personnel hold their positions just because they manage to avoid supervision and know well how to cheat their company and perform their goals improperly. Audio records even show they sometimes talk to themselves.

Employer Related Fraud and Cheating

Filling out false reports, disrespectful treatment of their customers, deviation from scripts – this is just a small share of the problems a company can face.


Background recording on any device (approved by employees)


Transmitting relevant parts to server and their processing there


Full stats on compliance, success rates and criteria observance



Point of sale (POS)


To ensure proper work and have promoters, consultants or shop-sellers receive their bonuses, they have our app installed on any mobile device. After a successful contact with end-customer, this employee initiates transmission of the last X conversation minutes to our cloud, by pressing the button in the app.




The server accumulates the information received from points of sale, while our trained call-center or customized automatic systems check the employee’s performance to make sure they comply with all the conversation requirements and scripts.


Work places of Customer Conversion or Trade Marketing


While in the office, or while following the performance via their mobile, the Customer team sees data both live as well as aggregated stats and ready reports with analysis. Settings, such as app performance availability only within certain geography, are available via this interface as well.

Our solution suits and can work with any mobile and end-user equipment

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